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The Trink is an auto parts industry specialized in automotive caps: caps for fuel tanks, radiators, water reservoir, oil and gasoline. Established in 1971, the Trink is a part of Gram-Serv Metallurgical  a company with 40 years of market and operates in two segments: automotive caps and staples and staplers.

A market-oriented company of original parts given tier suppliers and manufacturers and the aftermarket for domestic vehicles. The Trink´s caps follow the technologic evolution and quality of the manufactures in all stages of production.
One of the biggest Trink´s differentials, besides the safety, quality and diversity is the best choice of raw materials. Actually all automotive caps are manufactured with high-tech thermoplastic, soft materials, durable and corrosion resistant, nylon from DuPont® and certificate steel. The Trink offers full warranty on their products.
Its manufacturing facility has modern equipment, own tooling and processes to ensure greater productivity. The entire process is supported by effective administrative commercial division, composed of trained professionals committed to providing the best customer service.
In 2007 the Trink was certified with ISO-9001.
In 2010 the Trink was certified with a ISO/TS16949.



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